Safety Improvements in Kilmore Estate Ballyjamesduff moves closer

On Thursday 3rd August representatives from Cavan County Council visited Kilmore Estate on foot of a request for improvements outside houses 19-22 inclusive.  David Cahill of Cavan Disability Network explained “There are 3 sets of concrete steps with no balance railing.  In winter these get extremely slippery and there is a huge risk of residents falling trying to access their accommodation from the access road to the estate.  I asked Cavan County Council to review this situation.  I am asking for a balance rail to be installed at all of the 3 sets of steps so that residents can access accommodation in confidence.  I also asked for concrete to be relaid (it is currently uneven and a tripping hazard), a mound of soil to be removed and the black railing to be extended so there is no risk of a resident falling and hurting themselves when the mound of soil is removed.  These 3 items are all located at the side of number 19.  I am hopeful these works will be completed promptly and concluded before the onset of frost in a few months.”

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